Fast payroll for staffing success

NextCrew has partnered with Everee to give you an integrated experience from recruiting to onboarding to payroll. 

Say goodbye to manual tasks  with an integrated experience 
Manage all of your front- and middle-office processes in NextCrew, and timesheet and pay rate data will automatically flow into Everee, so you can process payroll in minutes. 

Improve loyalty with faster pay
With Everee, you can pay 1099 and W-2 workers 
as soon as you’ve verified timesheets, even as 
often as daily, to stand out when hiring and keep workers happy. 

Give workers their pay where they want it
Don’t restrict how your workers get paid. 
Everee deposits earnings every day, even on 
weekends and holidays, directly to bank accounts.

Never again stress about taxes or compliance
You can pay workers across multiple locations, 
and Everee accurately handles the garnishments, overtime and tax calculations, remittances and filings (for all 50 states), plus year-end 1099 and W-2s.  

Protect margins with per-transaction pricing & free options 
Everee only charges for payments made or staff that are currently active, and you can take advantage of fee-free pay cards to keep costs down.

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