State of the Worker Report

Attract, engage and retain workers in a challenging labor market

Giving workers what they want isn’t just a good business practice—it’s a key to survival. New data from over 1,000 W-2 employees and 1099 contractors reveals how employers can meet worker expectations and gain a competitive edge in a red hot talent war. 

The State of the Worker Report, presented by Everee and Checkr, shows that workers have increasingly non-negotiable needs in an economically uncertain time. The data shared in this report gives employers the blueprint to keeping their workforce happy and loyal as companies face an unprecedented labor shortage and frequent resignations.

Download this free report and discover: 

  • The benefits workers find most attractive in an employer
  • Who in your workforce is most likely to turnover 
  • Why poor financial health devastates worker productivity 
  • Tips for a faster hiring process 
  • And more