2021 Gig Worker Survey Report

How to attract, hire and retain gig workers and independent contractors

With hundreds of responses from gig workers, this report reveals how companies can harness the power of a flexible workforce. Download the report now and discover:

  • How to stand out as an employer 
  • New strategies to improve worker productivity
  • The best pay frequency for gig work 
  • Top gig economy trends in 2021 and beyond

Payroll bliss

Let’s be honest. HR and payroll software isn’t known for having sexy, seamless user experiences. We’re changing that. Our platform has all standard features of a payroll system, plus innovative experiences that’ll give your business an efficiency boost.

  • Pay Your Way
  • Automatic payroll runs
  • Easy file exports
  • Reconciler and reporting
  • Timecard + scheduling
  • Complimentary implementation support

CFOs love us

  • Automate everything you hate doing manually
  • Know exactly what you’re paying for upfront
  • Never worry about storing paperwork again
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HR pros love us

  • Quickly onboard new hires
  • Checking for compliance isn’t a chore
  • Process payroll in seconds
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Employees love Everee, too

  • They get paid when they need it
  • They’ll actually enjoy using our platform
  • Recording time and attendance is a snap
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